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Ventilation pipe industry

Ventilation pipe industry

Aug 30,2023
What equipment is needed for air duct production?
    HVAC engineering jobs are diverse and require many different tools and equipment. For example, when creating air ducts for buildings, special tools are required to handle sheet metal, and even more precise equipment is required to manufacture air ducts. MIHARMLE is a professional air duct production equipment manufacturer.

    Machining sheet metal is a dangerous and complex job. Having the right equipment can increase duct productivity and reduce labor costs
Fully automatic air duct production line - an integrated air duct production line composed of multiple systems, which can automatically manufacture air ducts. Air ducts of different sizes, shapes, and specifications can be processed according to requirements, and the production speed can be adjusted.

    Not all of the equipment is required, but many of them make it less difficult and time-consuming to make ductwork. If there is enough space to place these devices and you can afford them, you can consider purchasing them, which will greatly improve production efficiency and bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.
Duct production line