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Auto Air Duct Production Line 5

Auto Air Duct Production Line 5

Air duct production line 5 is a high-performance machine used for the production of rectangular air ducts. It is designed to provide accurate and efficient manufacturing of sheet metal ductwork with fast production speeds and minimal waste. The production line is fully automated and includes several machines that work together to produce high-quality air ducts.

Air duct production line 5 includes a decoiler, a leveling machine, a punching machine, a notching machine, a bending machine, and an automatic cutting system. Each machine is controlled by a computerized system that ensures precision and accuracy in the production process.

The line has a maximum sheet width of 1250mm (4ft) and can produce air ducts of various sizes and shapes. The line is suitable producing ducts for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Overall, Air duct production line 5 is an advanced machine that streamlines the manufacturing process of air ducts, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for HVAC contractors, engineers, and fabricators.
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