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Esay to operate Hydaulic Notching machine

Esay to operate Hydaulic Notching machine

Esay to operate Hydaulic Notching machine
Esay to operate Hydaulic Notching machineEsay to operate Hydaulic Notching machineEsay to operate Hydaulic Notching machine
CategoriesNotching Machine
BrandMIHARMLE Duct Production Line Manufacturer
coloryellow and Blue
ApplicationAir duct industry/Metal products industry
Sheeting Thickness3mm
Update TimeMay 30,2024
Detail Information
Hydraulic notching machine Description

Hydraulic notching machine shears for right-angle shearing of thin metal sheets. There are two types: hydraulic type and pneumatic type and it's used for notching or cutting right angle on sheet metal. This machine, as a high-efficiency curve shearing device for sheet metal, is widely used for mechanism manufacturing, cabinet manufacturing, vehicle, Household Appliances, light industry and etc.This machine with fast shearing speed, small dimensions but compact structure, easy-operation, single and stepping function, and the stroke of upper die frame can be adjusted to improve shearing efficiency. The clearance auto adjuster can adjust clearance according to the plate thickness for saving time and improve the notching quality. There is a safe device which is fixed type. The components of hydraulic and electrical system are famous brand from domestic or foreign with high reliability and life span.
Main Technical Parameters


Sheet thickness(mm)

Angle size(mm)




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